A wide range of campsites and amenities at Cooperstown Family Campground.

2023 RV & Tent Rates

Seasonal Sites Available
please call to inquire

No Hookup
or Tent



Rates are per night
(single family)

$45.00 In Season
$40.00 Off Season

$55.00 In Season
$50.00 Off Season

$65.00 In Season
$60.00 Off Season

Off Season dates are May 19 - May 23, 2023 and September 6 - October 9, 2023.

Additional Adults per tent or RV site per night - $8.00 each

Add $3.00 per night for 50 amp electric.

Additional Children per tent or RV site per night - (over 5 years old) - $5.00 each

Site Check in time is 2:00 PM; Check out time is 11:00 AM

Holiday Weekends have a three night minimum stay.

Please contact us for the Baseball Hall of Fame 2023 Induction Weekend rates and policies.

All rates are per night, unless otherwise indicated.
Rates based upon (2) adults and (2) dependent children ages 5 to 18 years old.
Extra fee charged for campers that are not part of immediate family
with a maximum occupancy of 6 per site.
Maximum of 4 persons per tent site (unless members of the same immediate family);
ONLY 1 tent per site please.
Maximum occupancy per site is 6 and (1) camping unit per site.

Personal checks are only accepted 30 days prior to arrival. Sorry checks not accepted during check-in.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards.

No refunds, credits or changes for cancellations due to early departure,
illness, work schedules, no shows or inclement weather. No exceptions.

Guest Fees

Day Use Guest Fees
Per Person Per Day

$5.00 (children 5 years and under free)

Overnight Guest Fees
Per Person Per Night

(18 years and older)

(5 to 17 years old)



We can only accommodate guests of registered campers.
Quiet time is at 10:00 PM and we ask that day guests leave by this time.
There is a maximum of 6 guests per site.

No refunds, credits or changes for cancellations due to early departure,
illness, work schedules, no shows or inclement weather. No exceptions.

We apologize that we can not accommodate full team parties at our campground.
You can have team parties at Glimmerglass State Park.

Early Check-In & Late Check-Out Fees

RV & Tent Sites

$4.00 per hour

Trailer Rentals

Not Available

These options are only if the site is available.
Early check-in is no earlier than 12:00 PM and late check-out is before 4:00 PM.

Early check in and late check out are not available on Fridays.

Site Check in time is 2:00 PM; Check out time is 11:00 AM
RV Rental Check in time is 4:00 PM; Check out time is 10:00 AM

Any exception to these check in/check out times must be pre-approved by campground management.
Early or late check in fees and/or late check out fees will apply.

No refunds, credits or changes for cancellations due to early departure,
illness, work schedules, no shows or inclement weather. No exceptions.

Other Fees

Add Cable TV to Site

$7.00 per night

Paddle Boat and Kayak Rentals

$4.00 per half hour, per boat

Deposit Requirements

Tent and RV sites: Reservations can be made up to one year in advance. Deposits are required to complete reservations. Cancellations must be made 14 days or more prior to arrival date. Reservations that required a one night deposit will be subject to a cancellation fee:
No hook up site: $25
Electric/water site: $30
Electric/water/sewer: $35
Reservations that required a three night deposit will be subject to a one night cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to your arrival date will forfeit the deposit paid and no refund will be given.

RV Rentals: Reservations can be made up to one year in advance. Deposits are required to complete reservations. Cancellations must be made 45 or more days prior to arrival date - refund less a one night cancellation fee.

RV & Tent Sites

1 to 3 nights stay requires a one night deposit;
4 nights or more require a three night deposit.

Trailer Rentals

Three night deposit required.

Rates based upon (2) adults and (2) dependent children ages 5 to 18 years old per campsite. One trailer, motorhome, pop up or tent is allowed per site.

No refunds, credits or changes for cancellations due to early departure,
illness, work schedules, no shows or inclement weather. No exceptions.

All rates and policies are subject to change without notice.

Reservation Requests

Make your Cooperstown Family Campground reservation requests online! Simply complete the form below, indicating your dates of arrival and departure, number of people, the type of camping equipment which you will be using, and your basic contact information. Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until we have contacted you confirming the availability of space and you have paid the necessary reservation deposit. Please let us know how to best contact you, either via e-mail or phone. Be sure to include your cell phone number if you are on the road. Reservations may be made using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover cards for payment of your deposit. We will do our best to reply promptly, generally within 24 hours.

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Reservation Request
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